San Francisco, CA

The Q Factor came out taking full swings with heartfelt youth anthems. Mid 90s. Living out of bay area/LA. Amidst a scene that seemed undecided on what the "positivity" they were singing about meant, The Q Factor championed shit that matters: politics of race, gender, nationality, sexuality, class, environment, love, etc. A refreshing clarity and sincerity in their lyrics, sounds, imagery, and lived ethics.

"To take a stand, it's gotta be your own feet, not the prepackaged newly improved ones they want you to buy. Stand up for yourself." —Stand up in the Name of Archibald Tuttle, The Q Factor


Photos by Bryan Alft and Scott Tarasco

The Q Factor was:
Jake Hockel - Drums
Max Frixione - Guitar
Mona Martinez - Guitar
Chuck Shackelford - Bass
Nathan Apperson
Butch Bowen - Vocals