Portland, OR

One of our favorite bands in the late 90's was Former Members of Alfonsin; Some of the most emotional and inspirational lyricism we ever heard in hardcore at the time. When we found out Alex Frixione was once again was putting pen to paper for a band, we jumped on this opportunity without evening hearing the music. And when we listened to a rough demo, we knew then, that we should always go with our gut instincts. PEOPLE PERSON come out of Portland, OR by way of Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. Interlacement of the heavy with the melodic as it's base and raw, heartfelt lyrics at its center, will definitely bring enlightenment to anyone searching for something more.

Alex Frixione - vocals
Aaron Belchere - guitar/vocals
Alice Mollo - bass
Rudi Jung - drums/vocals
Max Ono - guitar