Hatã ("duro" in Guarani), is a hardcore punk band based in Barcelona. With members from Paraguay, Colombia and the UK, the geographical convergence in Hatã reflects distant but related influences such as the South American hardcore punk of the 80's of bands such as La Pestilencia, Sedicion or even the compilation SUB from Brazil, raw punk combined with a more compact sound of the UK scene such as The Flex or Arms Race.

Caro's voice can be reminiscent of bands like Krimewatch, Exit Order or Soakie, mainly because of the urgency of the sound. Punk remains (fortunately) a Network of Friends, where distances are diluted in the affinity of a common language, sometimes sonorous, sometimes of existence, loaded with history and singular journeys.

*Write up by Enrique at POHÃ RO'YSÃ discos

Caro - Vocals

Juan - Bass

Sebas - Guitar

Teddy - Drums


photos by: Eloi Selles

Mariona Batalla