Victorville, CA / Chicago, IL / Los Angeles, CA

Four friends who traveled to any lengths to make music together. Their love for revolution summer is undeniable when listening to their recordings. Conceived in Victorville, Ca in 2001 with Chicago and Los Angeles being the cities of origin.

"...I would definitely be surprised if more than 6 of you care about this band, I simply don't understand why they aren't as "big" as Sin Orden or Tragatelo. This came out around December or so and pretty much went by unnoticed. Maybe it's because it's really hard to come by or because people still haven't heard of them. Who knows. All I know is I love this record! Well worth the wait in my opinion."

~taken from Hardcore Por Vida blog

photos by Martin Sorrendeguy and Heric DueƱas

Descarados was:

Carlos Ruiz - Vocals
Raymon Ruiz - Bass
Mike Amezcua - Guitar
Lupe Garza - Drums

2001 Demo
s/t 12" e.p. on Emma Navajs
El Canto De Los Humildes 7" on Stonehenge Records (France)