Santa Barbara, CA

Some things are meant to be spontaneous and temporary, ephemeral. The blooming of flowers, an eclipse, the sunset…Such was the existence of the Santa Barbara, CA’s powerhouse known as BECOME. Drawing influence from Washington DC’s late 80’s emotive hardcore sound, while continuing its own local Santa Barbara (see No Answers, Ebullition, etc.) legacy of like minded hardcore, BECOME went on to officially release one demonstration tape on Germany’s Take It Back Records. Because often times greatness is lost to obscurity, it is essential that we unearth and shed spotlight on art and music that not only succeeds in craft and skill, but also in conviction and sincerity.
~Fernando Alaniz

Photo by Olivia Harkness

Joe Figeroa - vocals
Jeff Carpa - guitar
Chris Duprey - drums
Denver Dale - bass
Rudi Jung - guitar/vocals