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The excuse always runs something like 'I'm not part of your scene it's just the music I listen to!' Then please keep it tuned to one-o-four-point-mall Because your couch-assed ideas are giving the me the kind of headache that only a friend can. If you think that this is a about endrhyme or past time, then I apologize for bothering you. I'll gladly leave you to your shopping mall-shit toothed grin-easy fucking listening-dr pepper-convenience store-taco bell subculture”

— PALATKA ~ 1997

Label News



Mariscal X “Una Yarda Mas” EP


Debut 7" EP from this All Ages SXE band from Argentina. Seven songs of finger pointing, pile-on hardcore. FFO of Floorpunch and Ten Yard Fight. 

This is a joint venture between EB and EN EL DESIERTO Fanzine from Argentina 

Engineered and mixed by Sebastián Barrionuevo 
Mastered by Will Killingsworth
Layout and Design by Raymon Ruiz at Daynamic Sound and Design




A new EB shirt is now available.  Pick one up and help rep the label! 



Also, just added some new releases to the distro from Not For The Weak Records, Fortress Records and Scheme Records




If you live in the High Desert, be sure to go and support Wisecrack Records this Saturday for Record Store Day.  While you're there, go to the Extinction Burst section and pick up our newest releases so we can pump out more shit! 


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Anguish Cry 7"





"GREY SKIES" 12 inch

3rd release from this Portland, OR band. 6 new songs of melodic infused hardcore. Heavily influenced by mid 80's DC hardcore but on this offering you can hear the band honing their sound to create something you can clearly distinguish from the rest of the pack. LP available on teal or translucent orange vinyl. Also available from Extinction Burst and GGT Records.