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"All I See Is Hate" Single

We’re excited to announce that Extinction Burst will be working with Xcelerate from SFL in their new 7” EP. More info coming sooner than later but for now here is a song off their future EP! So much more coming!



Discordant guitars and rolling bass lines fill this release along with layers of melody that leave you with an emotional inclination for more. Taking sway from bands like One Last Wish and Dag Nasty, CIRCLES deliver twelve songs of well crafted melodic infused hardcore. 
A Joint Venture between Shield Recordings (Netherlands) and Extinction Burst.

En La Muerte

Photo by Michael Berumen


Photo by: Sean Reilly


Photo by: Kiabad Meza


Stumble Across


It's been a while since we have had a newsletter go out.  To say we've been busy is an understatement. So many releases, and in all honesty I constantly ask myself why do we keep putting records and cassettes out.  The obvious is because it's part of our DIY culture, at least to me anyways.  There is nothing like actually holding a physical copy of the music in hand.  Dissecting it, analyzing all the layers and taking it all in.  On the flip side, we're in a solely digital era.  Everything available at the blink of any eye or a swipe of a screen.  Nothing to take in just wavs and images being fed, like a scene out of Clockwork Orange.  All I'm doing is painting myself in a corner every time EB puts out a record and the only thing that will be left is a tomb made of cardboard record boxes.  

But then I stumble across the kids that do these bands that at it's root are 100% DIY and a lot of them don't know it.  The new inspiring the old, keeping my soul alive even though I usually feel like a stranger to something that has been part of my life for so long. Some bands really don't have any idea how much influence they have with their words and actions.  How powerful of a statement it is that they are doing what they do with out a Taco Bell ad or beer collab. That maybe, it is possible to sustain a scene and a community without outside corporate interest that use us as human billboards.   

Below are some new releases on our label.  If buying physical music is not your thing we have made all these releases available digitally.  Consume how ever you see fit